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Founders’ Experience

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Kirida Chutipanich

Managing Director

• Improved overall Banking Corporate image for more than 1,500 events within 10 years of experience guaranteed with 7 “The Best Design” Awards from Money Expo.

• Keen on providing end-to-end event management of many types; such as Expo, Booth, Symposium, Sales Conference, Press Conference, Product Launch, Awards  Recognition, Caravan, Troops, etc.

• Keen on initiating and developing event concept ideas, theme, gimmicks and marketing programs that deliver corporate objectives.


Dolphumi Chuensuk

Executive Director

• 15 Years of Experience as a General Manager / Deputy Managing Director / Marketing & Sales Director of the large Media Production and Exhibition Industry.

• Keen on Production, Installation and Operation of all kinds of advertising and instore media; such as digital media, digital printing, Offset, Screen Printing, Light Box, etc.

• Keen on construction of exhibition, booth structure and structure of advertising media.

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